Hulida Productions | About Print Credits


What is a print credit?

At Hulida Productions, we understand that print packages aren't one-size-fits-all. That's why our photography collections include print credits, which work just like gift certificates and allow you to get what YOU want. Select from a wide variety of prints, canvases or specialty products offered in your online gallery to create your own print package, without getting stuck with prints you don't want. 

How to use your print credit.

  • Visit your online gallery at
  • Click on the thumbnail view of the photo you’d like to order to view it larger
  • Click the dropdown ‘buy’ on the top right of the photo, then ‘select product’
  • Select the size and quantity of prints or specialty products you would like to order*
  • Click ‘add to cart’
  • Optional, but recommended: Create an account to ensure your cart is saved while you shop
  • Continue to fill your cart until you have fulfilled the amount of your print credit
  • Hover over the shopping cart at the top right, then click on 'view cart' 
  • Review your order, then select ‘E-mail cart’
  • Use the message field to let us know of any special requests
  • Send the cart to Hulida Productions
* Don’t see a print size or product you want? Contact us , and we’ll customize your order for you!
** Print credits can be used to order engagement or wedding prints at any time. $100 minimum order. If you exceed your print credit amount, you'll be billed for the remaining balance. 
Please note:
Print credits are not eligible toward the purchase of print packages, session fees, Memory Discs or Personalized USB Flash Drives. Sales tax and shipping are included in the print pricing when applying print credits.